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Help us protect and enjoy the Choccolocco Creek Watershed for years to come!

The Choccolocco Creek Watershed is a consolidated effort of the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Conservancy District, and the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance to protect and promote the beneficial uses of Choccolocco Creek, its tributaries, and associated riparian corridors. With your help, we can combat potential threats that face our watershed and keep it beautiful.

Be a Master Watershed Steward.

The Choccolocco Creek Watershed is working to implement a Master Watershed Steward (MWS) program. This program will allow watershed volunteers to lead their communities in promoting healthy watersheds, while increasing awareness, understanding, and knowledge about the function of watershed areas, potential impairments and protection strategies. 

Volunteer stewards can help reduce the negative impacts of land-use practices and pollutants while planning effectively for the future of the watershed. This program is designed for anyone with a willingness to learn about and protect watersheds in our community.

Steward Projects:

  • Coordinating and conducting stream clean-ups
  • Organizing educational events such as rain barrel workshops & backyard conservation plans
  • Working with municipal and county officials on stormwater issues
  • Teaching adults and children about nature and our environment
  • Planning and carrying out habitat improvement projects

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