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The 100 Choccolocco Miles Challenge is a program designed to inspire our regional communities to lead active and healthy lifestyles while exploring our stunning and scenic watershed areas. The purpose is to challenge our local communities and visitors alike to hike, bike, swim, paddle, walk, run, ride, or roll 100 miles within the watershed and surrounding areas by visiting the many wonderful “destination spots” the Choccolocco Creek Watershed and contributory communities have to offer.

The Choccolocco Creek Watershed is teaming up with the 100 Alabama Miles to challenge you to earn some or all of your miles in the Choccolocco Creek Watershed.

The Choccolocco Creek Watershed encompasses approximately 246,000 acres (500 square miles) in Cleburne, Clay, Calhoun, and Talladega Counties. Once you have registered with CCW, we will send a list of the CCW “destination spots” you can visit, and a CCW sign to use while capturing your watershed adventures. You will also earn milestone swag for your accomplishments. For each adventure, report your miles to the CCW link provided when you receive your “Welcoming and Rules” email from staff. You can also enroll in the 100 Alabama Miles Challenge to enter their fantastic competition as well.

The 100 Alabama Miles Challenge is a statewide program designed to inspire all Alabamians to kick-start an active, healthy lifestyle while exploring our beautiful State and connecting with fellow participants. Just like CCW, they challenge all Alabamians to walk, run, hike, bike, swim, paddle, ride or roll 100 miles each year and to do so by visiting Alabama’s many wonderful parks, nature preserves, and rivers. It sounds like an impossible goal to many people, but if you get in just two miles each week, it’s very doable!

For more information on signing up and clocking your miles on 100 Alabama Miles, visit their website at

Now you’re probably thinking, ok, what’s in it for me?

You get to visit some of the most amazing places in Alabama, and you get fit and healthy while enjoying your adventures in some of the most beautiful places in the four counties the Choccolocco Creek Watershed flows through.
The cool part is you get incentives along the way!

Document your miles, send your destination spot picture(s) of each adventure, and rack up in CCW swag and fun.
25 miles = CCW Water Bottle, 25 mile sticker
50 miles= CCW Cooling Towel, 50 mile sticker
75 miles= CCW Dry Bag, 75 mile sticker
100 miles= CCW 100 mile t-shirt, discounted kayak float for 1, and 100 mile sticker

(All miles documented must have a destination spot picture upload with #logo, all photographs can be used for social media purposes. If participants do not want to upload pictures, swag will not be received in this challenge; mileage can still be documented, and stickers will be awarded).

Register using this link, and one of our staff will reach out to you soon.